Food Allergies

Helping Him Feel More in Control to Combat the Anxiety: 5 Weeks – 25 Milligrams of Peanut Flour

We had a little mishap at 4 weeks in.

Isaiah was doing that thing; you know, when the kid doesn’t want you to pull off the band so as soon as you are about to they scream “WAIT!” and jump away?

Only he was doing that after I started pushing the plunger for the liquid solution. And then I would panic that I didn’t know if he got any. So I trained him to do his own solution.

It was helpful in more ways than I anticipated.

By allowing him to prepare the dose, and then administer it himself, he felt in control of the process.

It lessened his anxiety a little. He still feels the need to reassure himself after every dose.

While there is always a slight risk of anaphylaxis, I cannot tell him that or he will not take his dose.

So he prepares it and takes it himself, and reminds himself that everything will be just fine.

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