why oit oral immunotherapy
Oral Immunotherapy

Why Oral Immunotherapy or OIT? Our Journey Begins

When Isaiah was barely 4 I began to see these crazy articles about people all over the world desensitizing children to peanut allergies.

Even those well-meaners, who saw the articles, would forward them my way and ask why I wasn’t doing this.

I read every article I could find, and wanted to know more, but it seemed like some mirage or hallucination because I saw no one anywhere around me attempting this crazy cure. I didn’t even know what Oral Immunotherapy was, but I knew I wanted it.

My son was anaphylactic to 11 foods at this point, and our life required constant vigilance to keep him safe.

Every relative and caregiver had their own set of epi-pens, and if I even saw a nut in their house they had to clean like it was Passover. (sorry, obscure reference to how orthodox Jews clean their cabinets out with a feather to be sure there is absolutely no leavened bread in the house)

The pathway to OIT seemed so clear to me. We were already doing allergy shots at this point, Oral Immunotherapy made complete sense. But NO ONE was doing it!

Two years ago, when Isaiah was 9, I brought up to my allergist, that there was a Doctor in Dallas that was doing OIT. My allergist looked at me like I had horns on my head and said, there is no proof that works.

Fast forward to 2016 and Dr D tells me he is going to Dallas to watch the most successful practicing physician use OIT in his practice so he can start doing it in the office. He said Isaiah was a great candidate and that he was putting him on the list!

I had waited 7 years and I would finally get my wish.

We would begin May 3, 2016.

The plan was to spend 7 hours in the doctor’s office and begin by ingesting 2.05 micrograms and leave that day with a tolerance to 2.05 milligrams. At any point during the day, he could have an anaphylactic reaction.

I thought I was gonna be sick.

Isaiah was the 18th patient to start OIT (oral immunotherapy) at Dr Detjen’s office.

He made this picture:


He chose to make a picture encouraging other kids by telling them it’s okay. He included peanuts and sesame, already looking forward to the next food allergy to conquer.

I would be lying if I said we left our anxiety at the door as we walked out the door with our first bottle of peanut solution.

Our journey was just beginning.

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