My son eats his first peanut with OIT
Oral Immunotherapy

Isaiah Eats His First Peanut!!!

Isaiah's journey to eat his first peanut seemed like the most natural thing in the world. He was excited, I was excited (and also pretty nervous), but I didn't realize he was nervous too.   I thought everything was going to be amazing! And then we got there. That day there were interns in… Continue reading Isaiah Eats His First Peanut!!!

why oit oral immunotherapy
Oral Immunotherapy

Why Oral Immunotherapy or OIT? Our Journey Begins

When Isaiah was barely 4 I began to see these crazy articles about people all over the world desensitizing children to peanut allergies. Even┬áthose well-meaners, who saw the articles, would forward them my way and ask why I wasn't doing this. I read every article I could find, and wanted to know more, but it… Continue reading Why Oral Immunotherapy or OIT? Our Journey Begins